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The end of the year for companies is typically a time for taking stock of different issues. As the focus turns to the new year, new strategies and plans are thought about on the basis of the current year’s successes and failures. Delingua is no exception: we too are reaching conclusions and excited about what 2020 will bring.

The world’s leading certification agency, Bureau Veritas Certification, has granted Delingua Oy’s translation and interpreting services a quality certificate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We are committed to high-quality service that we continuously develop.

YIT’s cooperation with Delingua means greater efficiency and productivity

YIT is the largest Finnish construction company and Delingua translates most of its material. For reasons of efficiency and productivity, YIT regarded it as sensible to move translation work to an external partner. When a dedicated translation agency takes care of translations, YIT can focus on its own area of expertise—construction.



In December 2019, we asked and our customers answered. That is, how likely they would be to recommend us to others.


Despite the restrictions in place regarding the current coronavirus outbreak, operations at Delingua are not affected. We have, however, taken the following measures:

  • We have asked our employees to work from home as much as possible. For the time being, only the minimum necessary staff is present at the office.
  • All meetings will take place online, via telephone or video conferencing, for which we have full capabilities.
  • If your company has decided to cancel meetings or prohibit visitors to your premises for the time being, please contact our staff to discuss possible changes to upcoming language training courses or interpreting bookings.

Delingua follows and closely monitors the directions and guidelines issued by the authorities. Our primary concern is the safety and welfare of our staff, customers and partners. Please take care of your family and colleagues. Putting people first is always paramount.

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