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Translators without Borders works at the heart of crisis communications


During crises, language and communications play a significant role. In crisis communications, it is crucial that information is available in the languages of all the people who need it, so that important messages are understood correctly. The coronavirus pandemic, which has shaken the world this spring, has vastly increased crisis communications. Governments, organisations, employers and schools now have to think about how they communicate in a situation that affects everyone’s safety. In the international #LocFromHome online conference in April, the flood of communications caused by the coronavirus pandemic was one of the topics discussed. In the conference, Stella Paris, Head of Language Services at Translators without Borders, talked about the organisation’s work at the heart of the crisis. Since January, the organisation has translated approximately 1, 700, 000 words related to the COVID-19 pandemic into 95 languages. The top languages have been French, Arabic and Spanish and they've also done extensive work in more marginalised languages.

The world’s leading certification agency, Bureau Veritas Certification, has granted Delingua Oy’s translation and interpreting services a quality certificate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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YIT’s cooperation with Delingua means greater efficiency and productivity

YIT is the largest Finnish construction company and Delingua translates most of its material. For reasons of efficiency and productivity, YIT regarded it as sensible to move translation work to an external partner. When a dedicated translation agency takes care of translations, YIT can focus on its own area of expertise—construction.



In December 2019, we asked and our customers answered. That is, how likely they would be to recommend us to others.

Language services and technology industry research company Slator has indexed the world’s largest language service companies.

Ranked in 78th place, Delingua is the only Finnish company in the 2020 Language Service Provider Index.