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How to Small Talk – Five Tips for Finns


You just heard from your boss that you’ve been chosen to attend an international meeting in Madrid. You’re immediately flattered and excited for the opportunity. After the initial excitement passes, however, you start to think about it a bit more. A slight fear starts to creep in. You begin to realize that, while there, you must have conversations with people you barely know about unimportant topics. You must be polite and social though you know you won’t feel like being either. In short, you must learn to do the thing that Finns dread most: You must learn how to small talk.

The world’s leading certification agency, Bureau Veritas Certification, has granted Delingua Oy’s translation and interpreting services a quality certificate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We are committed to high-quality service that we continuously develop.

YIT’s cooperation with Delingua means greater efficiency and productivity

YIT is the largest Finnish construction company and Delingua translates most of its material. For reasons of efficiency and productivity, YIT regarded it as sensible to move translation work to an external partner. When a dedicated translation agency takes care of translations, YIT can focus on its own area of expertise—construction.



In December 2018, we asked and our customers answered. That is, how likely they would be to recommend us to others.


Once again, Nordic Business Forum puts its trust in our expertise. Over the years, we have been the official interpreting partner for the event.