Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment Ltd, established in 1995, is a company that develops video games, and is world-famous for titles such as Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum. Approximately 40 per cent of Remedy’s employees are from abroad. Remedy turned to Delingua as they wanted to offer their employees an opportunity to take part in innovative and practical Finnish language training.  Remedy Entertainment describes the language training their employees have received.

The working language at Remedy Entertainment is English, but many of the company’s employees want to learn the basics of Finnish. According to HR Director Mikaela Öberg-Mattila, Remedy provides an opportunity to learn Finnish to employees and to their spouses.

Participation in Finnish language training is voluntary. Rather than focusing on work-related language, the training goes through everyday situations that will help foreign employees settle more quickly in Finland. Knowing the culture helps you enjoy everyday life in Finland, and the Finnish language is an essential part of the culture. We also provide other services to our foreign employees to help them get acquainted with Finland and its culture so they enjoy working and living here.

”It’s important to have a professional, friendly and inspiring trainer. We want to focus on everyday life and daily needs. It’s also crucial that the trainer listens to the students’ wishes and can tailor the lessons accordingly,” says Mikaela Öberg-Mattila. “We have received positive feedback on Delingua’s training.”

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