PINS.CO is a loyalty program launched in 2014. Through the program, consumers can collect pins, or virtual currency. You probably know PINS from your local shop as well as from shopping online. Did you know that Delingua takes care of the program’s Finnish translations?

PINS.CO, which has achieved success and awards, operates in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Turkey, and is expanding at great speed to Asian countries.

PINS.CO is a multi-lingual company that markets its loyalty program in the languages of all its key markets. When arriving to Finland, PINS.CO looked for a Nordic languages translation partner definitely from Finland. It was important to find a local translation agency that is totally competent and fluent in the language of marketing.

“We wanted to find a trustworthy translation partner to not only translate our texts but also localize them from English into Finnish and Swedish,” says Madara Kalveite from PINS’s international marketing. As a result of a tender process, they found Delingua, which has delivered on every promise.

Delingua translates different kinds of PINS adverts, releases and news on a daily basis.

“We are very happy with our co-operation with Delingua,” says Madara Kalveite.

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