Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH)

Healthcare has for a long time been one of Delingua’s areas of translation expertise. Our customers include clinics, healthcare software companies and institutes of public healthcare. We provide diverse healthcare translations, proofreading and localisation for our customers in several languages, of which the most common are English and Swedish.

FIOH is an expert in well-being at work that, in addition to conducting research, serves the public and trains people. Together with its customers, FIOH develops good working communities and safe working environments and supports employees’ ability to work.

Since 2011, Delingua has been the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s partner in translations and proofreading. We translate press releases, different types of guides, reports and questionnaires, among other things. Often FIOH experts write their texts themselves in English, which means all they need is proofreading by a native English language expert.

”We value highly professional and high-quality translation work and proofreading. Together with Delingua’s translators, we maintain the FIOH term bank, which has proved to be a very useful tool in translating the often repeating FIOH vocabulary,” says Kristiina Kulha, Head of Communications at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

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