Delete is a Nordic group focused on industrial and construction environmental services. Its operations are mainly focused on Finland and Sweden. In addition, Delete handles projects all around the world. Some of the company’s current and potential customers are also international corporations. For this reason, Delete’s English-language website is crucial.

Delete’s website was renewed in January 2016. Visitor numbers and conversion of the new website have increased, and the website has been praised for its clarity.

Tanja Vepsäläinen is in charge of the website and other external communications, and she says managing the different language versions of the website separately was challenging. The entire translation process required sending the contents and updates to the translation agency via e-mail. The process had many copy-save-send steps and, in addition to all that, the translated text had to be imported back into the content management system. This all took a lot of time.

Delingua has provided us with a CMS connector that helps us keep our English translations up to speed when it comes to content. If we change the content of, say, our Finnish service description, updating the English version is very simple,” says Tanja Vepsäläinen.

”A faster and more fluent process and the removal of some steps from my work day makes everything so much more efficient. In translation agencies, I also value quick reactions, flexibility and interest in hearing about the customer’s challenges and finding new solutions to them,” says Tanja Vepsäläinen. “Delingua has succeeded in all of these really well.”

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