A good translation partner helps Cloudia succeed internationally


Cloudia Ltd is a rapidly growing Finnish provider of digital procurement contract management solutions that in recent years has also strongly emphasised internationalisation. On the international markets, Cloudia operates in English and using a translation agency is a part of Cloudia’s everyday business.

Before its cooperation with Delingua, Cloudia was facing challenges in finding a translation agency whose service level offered quality consistently and whose expertise covered demanding technical texts. Head of Marketing and Communications Anne Riihimäki explains: “We operate in international markets, so we communicate also in English. We chose Delingua because they understand our challenge of translating demanding technical texts and marketing material. We needed an agency whose service level quality we could trust. In marketing texts, it is important to retain the text’s message accurately also when it is translated, and this requires professional skill from the translator. We operate in the software industry and communicate to the challenging B2B target market globally, which requires a lot from translations, too. In cooperation, reliability is most important to us.”

Anne sees investing in good translation communications as, first and foremost, better service for customers and, consequently, an important competitive advantage. Smooth, clear and accurate language in all marketing and communications material is an integral part of Cloudia’s efforts to create positive customer experiences in all phases of the purchasing process. “Working side by side in the same markets as bigger global competitors, we see that investing in communications is extremely important: high quality in our services’ language versions and marketing and communications is an absolute requirement for succeeding in the competitive international markets.”


Cloudia Ltd is a forerunner in the development of the digitalisation of modern and smart procurement solutions and contract management. The company offers information security certified and user-friendly solutions for the management of the procurement process, contract and supplier management, and a digital marketplace intended for suppliers and buyers to network, where the monthly procurement volume exceeds one billion euros. Cloudia’s dynamic cloud-based services help companies meet the challenges of the digital age and make use of the growing amount of data simply and efficiently. Cloudia’s services are produced globally in Equinix data centres, on five continents and in more than 200 data centres worldwide.

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