Bemer Nordic

BEMER International AG is an international market leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER is the only company in the world that has a certified medical device for circulation therapy, and the company has developed patented treatments for physical vascular therapy and invested in continuous research in the field since 1998. Recently, BEMER has also expanded its product selection into veterinary medicine.


BEMER Nordic has counted on Delingua’s translations since 2012. The company orders from Delingua translations for all Nordic languages. The translation needs are quite significant on an annual level and consist mostly of translations of marketing materials, such as brochures and online texts, but also product manuals. “We are very precise about different language versions being as close to one another as possible—naturally in a fluent target language—as the written material for medical devices must be very detailed, precise and consistent for authorities,” says Regional Director Nils Kämpe.


In addition, BEMER Nordic needs simultaneous interpreting in several language pairs in health technology conferences and trainings in both Finland and Sweden. “The most important thing is that the terminology of the specialist field is interpreted correctly and that the style of the speaker is communicated to listeners along with the atmosphere. The coordination of the interpreting assignments has also been smooth. Delingua’s interpreters have always done an excellent job. The audience has given good feedback on both the correctness and fluency of the interpreting,” says Nils Kämpe.


BEMER Nordic has been especially satisfied with Delingua in the quality, flexibility and reliability of the service. “Delingua’s price-quality ratio is excellent, and what’s most important is we get all language services under one roof.”


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