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Privacy statement



This privacy statement describes what kind of personal data Delingua Oy may collect about you when you order services from Delingua Oy, contact Delingua Oy through its website or use its portal (hereinafter jointly referred to as “the Service”) or when you work as a subcontractor for Delingua Oy. This privacy statement also explains the purposes for which and on what grounds Delingua Oy may use such data. By using the Service, you approve the processing of your data in accordance with this privacy statement.

From time to time, Delingua Oy may make changes to this privacy statement—for example, due to legislative amendments—by publishing a new version on its website. Delingua Oy takes all reasonable measures to inform you well in advance of any such changes and their impacts. You should review this privacy statement whenever you are informed of any changes to it.





Delingua Oy’s

1. customer and marketing filing system; and
2. subcontractor filing system (partial filing system)


Delingua Oy, Mechelininkatu 1a, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
Business ID: 2009465-7 (hereinafter “Delingua“”)


Katja Virtanen,

Delingua Oy, Mechelininkatu 1a, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland


The following data is collected in the customer and marketing filing system:

  • Delingua’s existing or potential corporate customer’s contact person’s or another natural person’s (hereinafter “ theCustomer”) first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, generally available categorisation details and information about marketing permits and bans;
  • categorisation details provided by the Customer;
  • the Customer’s IP address or another identification;
  • customer feedback information provided by the Customer;
  • the Customer’s order, invoicing and delivery details;
  • data collected about the Customer with cookies;
  • data collected about the Customer through social media channels; and
  • other data collected about the Customer with the Customer’s consent.

The following data is collected in the subcontractor filing system:

  • interpreters’, translators’ and language trainers’ (hereinafter “the Subcontractor”) first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • other identification details (e.g. business ID or, for individuals with a tax card, personal identification number);
  • categorisation details provided by the Subcontractor (e.g. language pairs or CVs);
  • translation, language training and interpreting assignments; and
  • feedback on the Subcontractor’s work performance.

In the customer and marketing filing system, Delingua stores the Customer’s personal data that the Customer personally provides to Delingua either by using the contact form through Delingua’s website ( or the service’s subpages or subdomains (e.g. or by e-mail. In addition, the Customer’s personal data is collected from the customer agreement between the company represented by the Customer and Delingua and from generally available sources.

Subcontractor data is primarily collected directly from the Subcontractor.


The purpose of the processing of personal data is to look after and develop relationships with customers, subcontractors or individual persons, Service production and development, Service and product communications, statistical monitoring and invoicing.  In this case, the processing of personal data is based on a contractual relationship and/or consent.

The processing of a Subcontractor’s personal identification number is based on managing Delingua’s obligations and interests related to the assignment-based relationship.

The processing of personal data enables us to serve you better and to develop our products and services according to your needs. On the basis of information provided in the online service, we can grant you access to different parts and content of the online service.

The purpose of using the personal data of Delingua’s potential customers is to conduct Delingua’s Service sales and marketing activities, such as sending marketing e-mail.  Potential customers’ personal data is not processed for any purposes other than the targeting of marketing communications. In this case, the processing of personal data is based on Delingua’s legitimate interest.

Delingua may send you targeted marketing, customer and partner communications, the sending of which you approve yourself in our online service or by a separate agreement. You may also choose not to receive these communications.


Delingua processes your data only to the extent required by the delivery of the Service. When producing the Service, Delingua may, within the limits set out in the currently valid legislation, disclose your data to its partners ( its accounting company or system providers), who are under an obligation to process data only for activities conducted on behalf of Delingua. Delingua always ensures that its partners do not process the personal data transferred for any other purposes. In addition,

Delingua may disclose the Customer’s contact details to the Subcontractor or vice versa, if required by the production of the Service.

Data in the filing system is not transferred outside the EU/EEA.


Delingua stores your data in the filing system according to the following principles:

Customers’ and Subcontractors’ data are stored for as long as the customer or assignment relationship is valid or the Customer and the Subcontractor is employed by a company that is Delingua’s customer or subcontractor. After the end of the customer or assignment relationship, any data of yours that is needed will be stored for a maximum of 10 years.

The data concerning Delingua’s potential customers is stored for direct marketing purposes for as long as the person is employed in the position to which the product or service being marketed is related, provided that the person has not prohibited direct marketing. However, in this case, the fact that the person has prohibited direct marketing may be stored. Delingua may store a person’s data for a longer period of time if the applicable legislation or Delingua’s contractual obligations towards third parties require a longer storage period.


The filing system and the partial filing systems are protected from use by outsiders. Their use is protected with personal usernames and passwords. The users of the filing system are bound by a secrecy and non-disclosure obligation. The filing systems can only be accessed by those Delingua employees and Subcontractors whose work duties require the processing of the data in the filing systems.

Portal access rights are granted to natural persons separately approved by Delingua. The users of the portal receive information through the portal only as defined in Section 7 above.


Cookies are small text files that the web browser automatically stores on your computer/terminal device when you visit different websites. The browser sends information related to your visit back to the website when you visit it the next time. All websites today use cookies to offer you a more personalised browsing experience.  Delingua’s online service also uses cookies so that Delingua can offer the most user-friendly and high-quality Service possible.

Each cookie is placed on each of your terminal devices separately and cookies can only be read on the server with which the cookie was placed. As the cookie is tied to the server and, as a rule, cannot be distributed among different browsers or devices (unless separately enabled by a browser, an add-on or another application), the choices you make to manage cookies usually apply only to that particular browser. A cookie cannot run applications nor can it be used to spread viruses or other malicious code or to harm your terminal device or files. An individual user cannot be identified solely by using cookies or similar technology.

Delingua’s website uses Giosg, Hubspot and Google Analytics applications (hereinafter “the Applications”) to collect anonymous statistics on website users in order to improve the quality of the Service. The Applications store data about site visitors, the duration of a visit and the most popular links, for instance.

If you do not want the Service to receive data through cookies, you can prohibit them (in most browser applications, it is possible to disable the cookie function). However, please note that in this case Delingua’s website and/or the Service will not necessarily function optimally.


Delingua’s website may contain links and connections to third-party websites as well as so-called social media plug-ins (e.g. Facebook community plug-ins). The use of social media plug-ins may send identifiable data to the social media service providers in question. When you open a plug-in, you may allow the storage of third-party website cookies on your computer, enabling the administrators of these websites to follow the use of the website if you have logged in to the social media of the service provider in question. These services offered by a third party or applications supplied by a third party on Delingua’s website and in the Service are subject to the third party’s privacy, usage and other terms and conditions. Delingua has no control over such third-party websites and Delingua is not responsible for their use or any material published on them.


Pursuant to the applicable data protection legislation, you have the right, at any time:

  • to receive information about the processing of your data;
  • to access your data and review it;
  • to request the rectification of inaccurate and erroneous data as well as the supplementing or erasure of data;
  • to withdraw your consent and object to the processing of your data, to the extent that the processing of data is based on your consent;
  • to object to the processing of your data on grounds related to your particular situation, to the extent that the basis for processing your data is Delingua’s legitimate interest;
  • to receive your data in a machine-readable format and to transmit that data to another controller provided that you have supplied the data in question to Delingua yourself and that Delingua processes your data on the basis of an agreement or consent given and the processing is carried out by automated means; and
  • to request the restriction of the processing of your data.

If you withdraw your consent, the withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of your data before the withdrawal of your consent. The withdrawal of your consent has no impacts other than preventing Delingua from sending direct advertising, remote sales and direct marketing communications, market surveys and opinion polls to you and from processing your data for public registers and genealogical research.

You must send your review, rectification and erasure requests in writing to Delingua’s contact person indicated in Section 3 of this privacy statement. Delingua may request you to specify your request in writing and to verify your identity before processing your request. Delingua may also refuse to carry out your request on grounds set out in applicable law.

In addition, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority or the supervisory authority of the EU Member State of your place of habitual residence or work if you consider that Delingua has not processed your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.


Delingua updates all changes to this privacy statement in Delingua’s online service without delay. This privacy statement was last updated on 11 April 2018.