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Software translations and localisation

What makes a good software translation?

You can’t tell that it is a translation.

Software translations are all about localising the content and interface into another language without compromising usability. If the localisation has been done with care, you won’t even think you are reading and using translated software.

Realising large-scale localisation projects requires careful planning, staying on schedule and the ability to translate extensive amounts of data without errors and with a systematic approach. This can only be achieved with years of experience and strong project management skills. And these are exactly what we have. Plenty of both.

We can process all file formats and modify them to be compatible with our translation memory software. We understand the restrictions imposed by software code and always aim for an optimal user experience. Our service also includes testing the functionalities of the localised software and proofreading the translations.

When choosing Delingua as your translation agency for localising your software, your project will not encounter unpleasant surprises.