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Marketing translations

Word-for-word translations of marketing communications are guaranteed to miss the target. So what guarantees a bull’s-eye?

In marketing translations, the translated text often moves away from the source language’s original wording, but without losing the intended message. Staying in touch with the translation agency throughout the process is well worthwhile. For the best results, the customer’s instructions on the translation’s style, terminology and target audience are worth their weight in gold, but the return on the investment is even greater for the customer.

In marketing translations, we make use of our experts from the target market. In cooperation with the customer, we go through all requirements and expectations to ensure the translation works as well as the original content.

Sometimes it takes a special kind of creativity and insightful solutions to express the feeling and meaning of the original text in the translation. In the translation industry, such translation work is sometimes referred to as ‘transcreation’.

Read example cases where our translation agency has provided solutions to our customers’ translation needs in marketing communications. You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our customer references!