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Translations and proofreading

Are you looking for a translation agency that is familiar with the style and specialist field of your company?

The purpose of a text is to speak to the reader and communicate information. To do this in a foreign language, the translator must know how to express the style of the original text and get to know the terminology of the field. For us, each and every translation is special.

Our translation agency has strong experience in many specialist fields, such as investor and marketing communications, law and public administration, as well as the fields of technology, construction, the environment, healthcare and medicine. Press releases, annual reports, prospectuses, customer magazines, contracts, user manuals as well as software and websites are all part of our everyday work.

Read example cases where our translation agency has provided solutions to our customers’ translation needs. You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our customer references!

We make use of state-of-the-art language technology in our translations, such as translation memory software and terminology management and integration tools. The efficient use of tools creates quality, coherence and cost savings that will make your business boom!

As our contract customer, you get (even) more: You can access our customer portal and browser-based term bank. You can use our secure customer portal to deliver and retrieve files, and our browser-based term bank gives you access to your organisation’s terminology anytime, anywhere.

We can process almost all file formats and provide many additional services to support your translation. For instance, you can order your translation directly as a desktop publishing file or order just separate terminology work in which the essential terms used by your organisation are collected directly in our browser-based term bank.

Or perhaps you prefer to write the text yourself and are looking for an experienced proofreader or copy editor?

If writing the text yourself directly in the target language is your preference, we can also provide separate proofreading and editing. Proofreading is always done by a native language expert, so you can rest assured your text will be free of errors.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, Delingua’s general terms and conditions are applied to translation services.