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Translations in different fields

Translations in different fields and text types

From us, you can get translation services in numerous fields and text types.  Our core fields of expertise include:

  • software translations
  • website translations
  • online store translations
  • marketing translations and
  • technical translations.

Delingua has strong experience in many specialist fields, such as investor and marketing communications, law, medicine, HR, ICT, technology, traffic and logistics. In addition, the environmental sector, health care and construction are familiar to us.


Software translations and localisation

What is a good software translation like? You can’t tell that it is a translation. Software translations are all about localising the content and interface into another language without compromising usability. If the localisation (the adaptation of the translation to match the target country’s culture and practices) has been done with care, you won’t even think you are reading and using translated software. Realising large-scale localisation projects requires careful planning, staying on schedule and the ability to translate large amounts of text without errors and with a systematic approach. This can only be achieved with years of experience and strong project management skills. And these are exactly what we have. Plenty of both. We can process all file formats and modify them to be compatible with our translation memory software. We understand the restrictions imposed by software code and always aim for an optimal user experience. Our service portfolio also includes testing the functionalities of the localised software and proofreading the translations. Contact us and order the translation services you need!


Website translations and localisation

When choosing Delingua as your translation agency for localising your software, your project will not encounter unpleasant surprises. Only an estimated 0.2% of Internet users speak Finnish. This is why you’ll probably need to translate your website, at least into your organisation’s most significant target languages. When your target audience is outside of Finland, a simple translation is not always enough. Website localisation is significant for the globalisation process of companies. Localisation is more than just translating. It means adapting the translation to match the target country’s culture and practices. Our translation agency offers a smooth and cost-efficient way of localising your organisation’s website. We can process all file formats relevant for website translation, such as XML, XLIFF and HTML, without any issues. In addition, we do international search engine optimisation in cooperation with the customer to enable search engines to find your website’s language versions. We also provide our customers with an extremely handy CMS integration that helps you manage the language versions of your website and order translation services directly from your own content management system.  


Online store translations

How would you feel if 99.8% of people walked past your store? Given that only 0.2% of Internet users understand Finnish, it makes sense that your online store is available in other languages. In our experience, the greatest challenge for adding new languages to an online store is the difficulty in managing the different language versions. At worst, managing different language versions can turn into a nightmare if updates require continuous manual copying of texts from the online store, pasting them into a word processing format and sending them to several translators—and then repeating all of this the other way around. To ensure that search engines find your products in other languages, too, you need international search engine optimisation (SEO). Let us help you and tell you how you can automate your webstore translations with a handy integration tool and publish the updates for different languages with only a few clicks. With the help of a modern translation process you save time that you can more productively use to create content yourself and find new customers.


Marketing translations

Word-for-word translations of marketing communications are guaranteed to miss the target. So what guarantees a bull’s-eye? In marketing translations, the translated text often moves away from the source language’s original wording, but without losing the intended message. Staying in touch with the translation agency throughout the process is well worthwhile. For the best results, the customer’s instructions on the translation’s style, terminology and target audience are worth their weight in gold, but the return on the investment is even greater for the customer. In marketing translations, we make use of our experts from the target market. In cooperation with the customer, we go through all requirements and expectations to ensure the translation works as well as the original content. Sometimes it takes a special kind of creativity and insightful solutions to express the feeling and meaning of the original text in the translation. In the translation industry, such translation work is sometimes referred to as “transcreation”. Read example cases where our translation agency has provided solutions to our customers’ translation needs in marketing communications. You can also contact us and learn more about our customer references!


Technical translations

Delingua is fully proficient in the techniques and technology required by technical translations.   Precision and correct terminology are parts of our service offering for technical translations as much as speed and competitive pricing. In technical translations, we pay special attention to terminology management and translation technology. On a case-by-case basis, we can also consider machine translation and post-editing together with the customer if the text volume is extensive, the deadline is approaching, and the text type is suitable for machine translation. Many of our translators are specialised in technical texts. We can process almost all file formats and can provide the entire technical documentation process from start to finish, when necessary. We have experience in various technical text types ranging from operational safety bulletins and usage, maintenance and installation instructions to product catalogues, technical plans and reports. Our expertise encompasses all industries from the technology industry to construction. Contact us to learn more about our customer references!