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Additional services

The additional services we offer to support your translation

Our mission is to be the number one language services partner for all of our customers. We aim to serve our customers through the “one stop shop” principle, making all necessary language services available to the customer through a single contact with us. In addition to the most common translation services, our service portfolio includes

  • CMS-integrated translations
  • copy editing
  • machine translation and post-editing
  • multilingual search engine optimisation
  • multimedia translations and
  • terminology management.


CMS-integrated translations contribute to the success of your website

You can save time, money and nerves when translating digital content by using our handy CMS connector that allows you to manage the different language versions of your digital content directly in your own content management system (CMS). Whether you use WordPress, Drupal or another CMS, you can order translations with just a few clicks directly to your own content management system. The connector sends files to our translation management system and, after translation, they are returned automatically to the correct place in the content management system. Benefits of a CMS-integrated translation process:

  • Avoid time-consuming copy&paste work and all related copy errors.
  • Import any changes, no matter how big or small, to all language versions of your website or webstore in almost real time.
  • Track the progress of your translation project directly in your own CMS.
  • Deliver texts for translation securely without e-mailing them.
  • Manage translations and language versions more easily.

Believe it, ordering and receiving your digital translations is so much faster and easier than you could ever imagine. With the aid of the CMS connector, you can order translation services directly in your own publishing systems.


Copy editing fine-tunes your text

Do prefer to write the text yourself in a foreign language and, well, make it sound even more authentic? Sometimes the text you have written is grammatically correct but still requires some added value. In this case, we recommend you order copy editing from us. Our native target language expert will copy edit your text so that it better suits its purpose, focusing on, for example, the text’s style and idiomatic use of the language. We recommend copy editing instead of proofreading especially for text types that require real added value, such as marketing communications. We offer copy editing in the same languages as translation services. Contact us and learn more!  


Machine translation and post-editing

Let’s get the facts straight before we begin. First of all, we never use machine translation unless it has been agreed with the customer, and even then only when the translation project is suitable for machine translation. When we do use machine translation, we never use Google Translate but secure machine translation software specifically designed for professional use that has been “trained” to meet the customer’s specific needs. Second, the translation is always finalised by a person, even where machine translation software has helped in the process. This way of working is referred to as post-editing. Instead of a human translator generating the entire translation, she or he edits the translation suggested by the machine. The decision to use machine translation depends on the translation’s purpose of use and its quality requirements. Technical texts with significant amounts of repetition and a regulated structure are best suited for machine translation. This often means there is a lot to translate and the customer may find the traditional method of translation too expensive and slow. We want to provide our customers with solutions to different situations, also large-scale, structured translation masses.


International, or multilingual, search engine optimisation (ISEO) makes your product or service easier to find

Finns are responsible for a total of 10 billion Google searches every year. That’s quite a lot, but the annual number of Google searches globally is a whopping 1,200 billion. To reach the other 99.2% of searches, you need multilingual search engine optimisation. Multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO) helps you improve the findability of your product or service outside your home market. Word-for-word translations of key terms are not enough to push your business to the top of the search engine competition: what counts is localised search words that consumers in the target market really use to search for products and services. Our translation service provides multilingual search engine optimisation customised to your needs. Contact us and learn more!

Multimedia translations for videos and audio files

Multimedia content is exploding. According to some estimates, by 2020 over 80% of all online content will be in video format. If your target audience is international, you are most certainly not making your video in Finnish only, as that means your message will reach only a fraction of the world’s population? Subtitling is the most cost-efficient way of adding a translation to a video. A professional audiovisual translator takes into account the limitations of the character count and timing in the translation work. Voice-over refers to a translation that is spoken over the original so that the original speech can be heard quietly in the background. Transcribing refers to writing different video and audio files in text format. Our customers order from us, for example, transcriptions of meetings and group interviews. What kind of multimedia service do you require? Contact us and order the translation services you need!


Terminology management maintains company or industry terminology

Every industry and company has its own specific terminology. To make producing high-quality texts as effortless as possible for the customer and translation service provider, we recommend collecting, saving and maintaining industry or company terminology in specifically designed handy tools. This is called terminology management. There are different types of terminology management solutions. Delingua uses a browser-based term tool that is directly connected to our other translation tools. Delingua’s terminology management tools bring quality and coherence to our customers’ translations as they help to keep both industry- and company-specific terminology consistent from one translation to the other. In addition, the customer can also access the vocabulary collected by Delingua during the translation work easily through a browser and use it in their own work. Each customer’s term base is always completely secure and terms can never be seen by third parties without separate permission. Are you interested in terminology management? Ask us for more information, our terminologists are at your disposal!