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Language Skill Levels

We believe in student-oriented learning. Before the course starts, participants take a placement test that helps us determine their language skill levels. In cooperation with the customer, we plan the course together and choose the learning materials according to the participants’ individual needs.


You understand and use familiar expressions for everyday life and basic-level sayings. You can answer questions about yourself and ask similar questions from others. You can carry on a simple conversation if your partner helps you, talks slowly and articulates clearly. It’s a great start!


You understand phrases and often used everyday expressions. You can communicate in simple and routine-like situations when talking about familiar, everyday things. You can describe your own background, surroundings and immediate needs in simple phrases. Good job, keep up the good work!


You understand the main points of clear messages in standard language that are often seen in work, school and leisure. You can produce simple, coherent text on familiar subjects or things you are interested in, and you can describe your experiences, dreams, hopes and goals. You can give your reasons and shortly explain your opinions and plans. This is a firm foundation to build upon!


You understand the message of texts dealing with concrete and abstract matters. You communicate spontaneously and smoothly. You can regularly communicate with a native speaker without any additional effort from either party. You can produce clear, detailed text on different subjects and present your opinion on a topical matter. Way to go!


You understand different challenging, longer texts and can identify subtexts. You can present your thoughts smoothly and spontaneously without significant difficulties in finding the right expressions. You use the language flexibly and efficiently for both social and professional purposes. You can produce a clear, well structured and detailed text on complex matters. You can structure a text and use linking words. Amazing, you are well on the way!


You understand all types of spoken and written language without difficulties. You can combine information from different written and spoken sources and construct a presentation with coherent content based on the information and reports in the sources. You can express your thoughts spontaneously, smoothly and precisely. You can identify changes in meaning even in complex situations. You should be proud of your skills!