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Finnish for Foreigners

At Delingua, you can take Finnish lessons in Finnish, English or maybe even in your own mother tongue! We offer both basic-level lessons and courses targeted at more advanced students. You can choose a fast-paced intensive course or study at a more leisurely pace.


Basic level

At the basic level, you will learn greetings, numbers, how to talk about the weather and the time, the names of everyday items and foods, place names and related expressions, among other things. You will learn to introduce yourself and tell people about your family. Grammar to be learnt includes simple structures, verb conjugation and cases. You will be able to manage in relatively straightforward situations and understand clear and simple speech.


Intermediate level

At the intermediate level, you proceed to more complex grammatical structures and expressions. Vocabulary is broadened and diversified to cover different topics according to the needs of the students. The students will discuss subjects that are tailored according to their interests and wishes. Comprehension will improve, and the student will master the most common structures of the basic grammar.


Advanced level

At the advanced level, training is very individualised and takes into account the students’ interests and work tasks. Lessons involve working on structures and expressions that the students find problematic or are unsure about. Conversational skills and spelling, if necessary, are honed together with the trainer.


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