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Language training for businesses

Can learning a language be fun and still achieve results?

We provide customer-oriented language training that is tailored according to the needs of participants in all languages and for all levels. Our training courses always have goals, but it’s not one size fits all. We choose the training method that produces the best learning outcomes for our students. This is why we can guarantee you will enjoy Delingua’s language training. Our most popular courses are especially Swedish and English for working life and Finnish for Foreigners.

Our training courses – when and where?

We believe in student-oriented learning. Before a course begins, all participants take a placement test that helps us determine their language skill levels. After that, we plan the course together with the customer and choose the learning materials according to the participants’ individual needs.

With Delingua, you can study flexibly and in many different ways. We provide individual, pair and small group courses and also distance and online courses, if required.

The recommended duration of one course is a minimum of 20 lessons. The length of one lesson is 45 minutes, and one session usually consists of two lessons (90 minutes). The course meetings can be organised once a week or at a more intense pace, according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Lessons can be organised at Delingua’s or the customer’s premises or by using distance learning tools.

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced professionals. They are familiar with the language skills requirements of working life, and they all have diverse experience in adult education. For most languages, you can choose either a native trainer or a Finnish trainer. In addition to learning the language, you will also receive all sorts of useful information on the culture and traditions of the language you are learning.

At Delingua, learning is fun. We have no problem stating that learning is guaranteed with us!

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