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Community interpreting

When you don’t have a common language, a community interpreter helps you with what you need to say.

The purpose of community interpreting is to help run everyday errands and understand each other when, for instance, dealing with different authorities.  

When you order a community interpreter from a language service company, you have every reason to expect the interpreter to be a professional. With our interpreters, this is always the case as we have selected and tested each and every one of our interpreters according to our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

You can order ISO certified community interpreting into more than 80 languages from our interpreting service. Our interpreter will either be present on-site or interpret remotely, according to your needs.

Our interpreters always comply with The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters’ (SKTL) community interpreters’ code of practice. Our interpreter is always unbiased and has an unconditional non-disclosure obligation.

Please contact us, we’d love to tell you about our customer references!

If you want to order a community interpreter, please call us on +358 (0)44 285 5677 or +358 (0)20 743 1389.