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Conference interpreting


Conference interpreting for corporate events and visits

We have no problem stating that we are probably the best conference interpreting agency in Finland. At least that’s what our customers tell us. Every interpreter in our ISO-certified interpreting service has learned their trade in international surroundings, and we are extremely proud of their expertise. We have organised interpreting for countless annual general meetings, European Works Councils, business negotiations, group discussions, seminars and conferences. Read or ask for more information on our references—we think you’ll be impressed!


Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting?

You can choose the conference interpreting method best suited to the situation: either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. As the name suggests, simultaneous interpreting happens at the same time when the speaker speaks and consecutive interpreting after the speaker has spoken. Simultaneous interpreting is an optimal solution for annual general meetings and conferences, for instance. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter starts interpreting almost immediately when the person being interpreted starts speaking. The interpreter listens to the speaker, processes the speaker’s message mentally, turning it into a translated version, and then expresses it in the target language. In other words, the simultaneous interpreter is expressing the speaker’s previous message in the target language while listening to the next message. Indeed, simultaneous interpreting is extremely demanding work that requires solid expertise and it is often compared to working as an aircraft pilot or a heart surgeon. A simultaneous interpreter works under significant cognitive pressure and, consequently, one interpreter can provide high-quality interpreting only for a limited period of time. As a rule, two interpreters are always needed for one language pair. This enables them to interpret in turns. Simultaneous interpreting also requires a peaceful and soundproof space. The usual solution is to use interpreting booths, with interpreting being transmitted to the listeners’ headphones. In consecutive interpreting, the person being interpreted speaks for a few minutes and the interpreter listens and takes notes. After that, the interpreter interprets the speech with the help of their notes. Consecutive interpreting is used in corporate visits and various types of negotiations, for instance. Our experts can advise you on what is the best solution for your event. In both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, our interpreters always prepare for interpreting assignments in advance and carefully familiarise themselves with the materials they have received. Read our blog to learn how you can help the interpreter prepare for their interpreting assignment as well as possible. If necessary, we can also provide interpreting equipment for the venue and give tips on how to take interpreting into account at the event. Contact us to learn more about our interpreting services!


Interpreting equipment helps simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting at large conferences requires the appropriate technology and interpreting equipment. In practice, this means soundproof interpreting booths, microphones for speakers, receivers and headphones for participants and the services of a technician. Technology is always tailored according to the customer’s needs. Nowadays, it is possible to carry out simultaneous interpreting on a case-by-case basis by making use of the event location’s wireless network, interpreters’ computers and the listeners’ own smartphones. At smaller events with fewer participants and a shorter duration, it is also possible to use portable interpreting equipment that includes a wireless microphone and 20 headphone receivers for participants. Contact us and let us help you choose the right interpreting equipment.