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Interpreting services

Interpreting services for the language of your choice

Our interpreting services are ISO-certified and we provide interpreting with all interpreting methods in almost all European languages as well as in the most common languages in the world. Our interpreters are professionals in their field and we have more than a decade of experience in organising high-quality interpreting services. We are specialised in delivering interpreting services for events, such as:

  • major conferences
  • multilingual annual general meetings and negotiations
  • corporate visits and delegations and
  • other international events.

We also offer professional community and court interpreting for both the private and the public sector. Thanks to our fast and competent customer service, interpreting can be arranged for all kinds of events. The required interpreting equipment, such as interpreting booths, can also be easily arranged by us. Let’s find the optimal solution for your interpreting needs!


High-quality interpreting services for companies and organisations

The world’s leading certification agency, Bureau Veritas Certification, has granted Delingua’s interpreting services a quality certificate according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certificate is proof or our commitment to high-quality service, which we also develop continuously. Our interpreting service clientele ranges from SMEs to major listed companies and international organisations. Read example cases where Delingua has provided solutions to customers’ interpreting needs. You can also contact us and learn more about our interpreting services! If you want to order an interpreter, please call us at +358 (0)44 285 5677 or +358 (0)20 743 1389 or send e-mail to


What does an interpreter do?

Interpreting is demanding work that requires strong expertise, excellent ability to concentrate, good memory and thorough linguistic and cultural knowledge. A professional interpreter has the ability to transfer a spoken message from one language to another impartially, without distorting the message and without leaving anything out. All our interpreters are committed to the interpreters’ Code of Ethics. The requirements of interpreters’ professional ethics include secrecy and impartiality, among other things. At Delingua, we see to it that our interpreters have sufficient professional skills and we provide them with regular training. In this manner, we can guarantee that our interpreters are qualified to interpret at our customers’ events. An interpreter always prepares for interpreting carefully in advance. Preparation includes, among other things, familiarising oneself with the topic of the interpreting assignment and the materials received. Advance materials make it possible for the interpreter to find the right words and terms and to always adjust their expression to suit the situation. Preparation is crucial as it has a direct impact on the quality of interpreting. Sometimes preparation may even be the most important element of interpreting. Professional, high-quality interpreting makes it possible for people to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries. At its best, those listening aren’t even aware they’re hearing an interpreter. That is how smoothly and naturally the message comes across in interpreting situations.


All interpreting services through the “one stop shop” principle

Our motto is “Anything is possible!”. We do everything we can to offer our customers precisely the service they expect from us. Often we even exceed expectations. From us, you can order an interpreter for all kinds of events. We provide community and court interpreting for the needs of law firms, courts of law, police departments, schools, day care centres and state agencies, for instance. Our conference interpreting services include both simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. What kind of interpreting service do you need? Contact us and let us help you choose the right solution for your interpreting needs.