Open positions

Right now, we don’t have any open positions without native Finnish skills, but if you feel we might have something to offer each other, send a free-form application to

At Delingua, I'm not just a small cog in the machine. I take pride in what I do and like to have fun while working!

– Jani Heikkonen, Delingua


Approaching something close to epic, DelinguaLAB is a programme for students who are about to graduate or have recently graduated.

We believe that sharing information about jobs in the language industry gives us something of value in return: new professionals who are ready to take on roles that would otherwise be difficult for graduates to access.

We organise DelinguaLAB two or three times a year. While waiting for the next DelinguaLAB to start, have a look at our alumni’s experiences!

Work as a freelancer

Every day, we offer interesting freelance work to qualified experts in the field. We are always looking out for new translators, interpreters and language trainers. Interested? Send a free-form application to